Our Cycle Tour Grading System

This grading system should be used as a guide only and has been especially designed for our Japan tours and does not relate to any other specific or general grading system. 

Our system is based predominantly on distance with allowance made for climbing and climbing angles on our chosen routes. Any grading system is subjective though and dependent on the skills and experience of the individual rider. Weather events such as head winds or tail winds, or other unforseen issues such as rider well being and bicycle maintenance may impact on the grading for any given day.  

Our grading system is devided into two sections, one for each specific tour and one for each day of each tour. A Tour Grade is a general grade and is based on approximate averages, where as a Daily Ride Grade is based on the specific route on that day. Each of our rides is given a general grading and each day on those rides is also graded as per the system below.

The grading assumes a support vehicle is not being used for any section of the ride. On all of our guided rides however, you are welcome to use our support vehicle for any of the longer climbs, and if doing this, the grading will vary. See here for more details on our support system. 

Ride profiles are an important piece of information when determining your suitability for any ride and these are also available for all our main rides. Please contact us directly if you wish to discuss your suitability for any of our rides.

Tour Grade

Level 3 – Easy/Moderate.  Average daily distances 50-55 km ( 31-34 miles ).  4-5 days riding. One or more days to 60 km ( 37 miles ) or thereabouts. Mostly short climbs of 2-3 km ( 1-2 miles ), with angles to 5-6 degrees. With possibly one or more longer climbs with some steeper sections to 10 degrees.

Level 2 – Moderate. Average daily distances 65-75 km ( 40-46 miles ). 5-7 days riding. One or more days to 80 km ( 49 miles ) or thereabouts. More regular climbs 5-10 kms ( 3-6 miles ) with angles to 5- 10 degrees with possibly one longer steeper climb with sections to 12 degrees.

Level 1 – Moderate to Strenuous. Average daily distances 80-90 km ( 49-55 miles ). 7-10 days riding. One or more days to 120 km or thereabouts. Climbs to 15 km  ( 9 miles ) with angles to 13 degrees in sections. Some climbs with sustained angles above 10 degrees.

Daily Ride Grades

Easy  35-60 km ( 21-37 miles ) with short climbs to  2-3 km ( 1-2 miles ) and average angles 5-6 degrees 

Easy/Moderate  35-60 km ( 21-37 miles ) with some longer climbs to 5-6 km (3 -3.5 miles) and average angles 7-10 degrees.

Moderate  50-75 ( 31- 46 miles ) with short climbs to 3-5 km ( 2-3 miles ) and average angles 6-8 degrees.

Moderate/Strenuous 60-90 km with some longer climbs possibly over 10 km ( 6 miles ) and average angles 7-10 degrees.

Strenuous 80-120 km ( 49-74 miles ) with some long climbs possible over 15 km ( 9 miles ) with sustained angles to 13 degrees. 

Cycle Shikoku checking the map.

Cycle Shikoku checking the map.