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Cycle Hokkaido Memories

Thank you John for a fantastic, varied and exciting 10 days with the most beautiful riding! Thank you also for the dedicated support and encouragement especially from yourself and Roman. Hopefully I will be back to do another tour soon.
— Friederika Viet “Wild Hokkaido Explorer”. July 2019. Melbourne, Australia.


Cycle touring in Hokkaido is a smorgasbord of delights. Smooth wide roads curl over rolling hills amidst a rural tapestry of curated pastures. Here the vivid colours of the lavender fields are interspersed with vast fields of crops. Perfect black top beckons you on through this landscape as volcanoes, coastal villages, caldera lakes, world heritage wilderness and high peaks with the last of the winter snows (to August) provide a stunning backdrop. And throughout you stay in mixed accommodations, some traditional Japanese Inns, with great local food and of course, in most places, muscle relaxing natural hot spring baths. 

Our 11 day “Wild Hokkaido Explorer”, takes you from the World Heritage of the Shiretoko Peninsula in the east; through the Caldera lakes district, to the wilds and heights of Japan’s greatest national park, “Daisetsusan”. For 2020 only, our 17 day “Big Hokkaido Ride” includes all of the above, plus the tour circumnavigates Rishiri Island and takes you from Japan’s northern most point, Cape Soya, and along the remote north east coast of Hokkaido. 

We pioneered guided cycle tours in Japan and with us you get the result of over 30 years of organising and running cycle tours in this enigmatic land. Contact us today to begin your own cycling adventure in Hokkaido Japan.

Cycle Hokkaido views along the Shiretoko Peninsula.

Cycle Hokkaido Highlights

  1. Stay in some Traditional Inns and eat delicious Japanese food.

  2. Support vehicle, bike mechanic and bilingual tour ride leader.

  3. Cycle from 34km (21 m) to 101 km (63 m) per day.

  4. Cycle world heritage & national parks, past caldera lakes and climb Hokkaido's highest mt, Asahi Dake, 2290 m (7513 F).

  5. Smooth hot mix roads and low vehicle speeds.

  6. Pure journey by bike.

  7. Relax in inside and outside hot spring baths.

  8. The Big Hokkaido Ride additional highlights:

    1. Ride around the beautiful coastline of Rishiri Island.

    2. Ride from the very northern tip of Japan.

    3. Explore the remote northeast coast of Hokkaido, in the shadow of Russia’s Sakhalin Island.

Wild Hokkaido Explorer - 11 Days

Land Price: $AU5,400 - ¥430,000 per person. Single option (where available) $AU560 - ¥40,000. 11 days/10 nights. 

Season and Departure Dates: We run this tour to coincide with the best of Hokkaido's weather.

  1. Summer blooms. June 26 - July 6 2020

  2. Autumn colours. Sept 23 - Oct 3 2020

The Big Hokkaido Ride - 17 Days

Land Price: $AU7,250 - ¥540,000 per person. Single option (where available) $AU900 - ¥70,000. 17 days/16 nights. 

Olympic Year Only:  This is a special one time adventure challenge to coincide with the Japan’s Olypmic year.

  1. Summer Blooms. June 20 - July 6 2020

Private Groups: This Wild Hokkaido Explorer is available for private groups, and can be modified to suit group rider needs. Contact us to arrange a private departure. 

Accommodation: We use a range of accommodations including Ryokans, luxury nights, standard mountain inns & some western style Hotels. See our accommodation page for more details. 

Rider Numbers: 4-12 riders.

Grade: Level 1  (moderate to strenuous). See our grade page for more details.

How to book: Download a booking form or contact us. Send the booking form via email with ¥20,000 or $AUD250 deposit/person. Credit cards accepted JPY only.