Cycle Noto Peninsula & Japan Alps

The Noto Peninsula and surrounding areas are a smorgasbord of history, culture and superb cycling. Here we mix big city sightseeing with quiet coastal backroads, hot spring baths, delicious local food and ancient farming and fishing practices.  

The Noto Peninsula has long attracted me after having traveled extensively throughout Japan for many years. It seemed like a perfect place to add the third arm of our trilogy of unique guided cycle tours, giving us the very best of Japan cycling.

What I discovered here was a superb blend of smooth, mostly low traffic cycling amidst a smorgasbord of cultur and history. From the famous city of “kanazawa,” we jump right into the very best of Japanese history and culture, from famous castles and classic gardens, to streetscapes left mostly unchanged for over 400 years, to morning markets and rural landscapes that evoke the ancient samurai warriors of days gone by.

Throughout we have a choice of accommodation from traditional style inns, to luxury “Ryokans” to western style hotels.  Streetscapes going back centuries, from the “Kyoto” style backstreets of Takayama to the Unesco heritage town of Wajima, there are delightful eateries tucked away to be discovered of a night time.

The existence of this landscape though is not enough to ensure a great cycling and cultural holiday. Going over the riding routes and checking the actual riding I found some superb coastal scenery and seemingly endless small fishing villages where modern lifestyles reflect the heritage of the area and in some aspects, have not changed in centuries.

Many of these coastal back roads carry little traffic making for some great cycling, and in some sections, we will use the support vehicle to ensure we miss the one or two areas of heavy traffic.


Riding the Noto Peninsula Coast

Riding the Noto Peninsula Coast

Video Highlights: Cycle Noto & The Japan Alps May 2016.

Another fab tour with Cycle Japan Tours. Well organised, great accommodation , beautiful tour route and loads of fun. Thanks John. Hokkaido here we come???
— Carol Baker. Cycle Noto & The Japan Alps 2016.

Tour Highlights

  1. Cycle from 60 km (37 m) to 95 km (60 m) per day and explore from the historic city of Kanzawa, the classic scenery of the Noto Peninsula Coast and the foothills of the Japan Alps.

  2. Soak up culture and history as you cycle through some of japan's most famous cultural and historical sites including castles, temples, grass thatched hut villages and ancient streetscapes and a thousand year old morning markets.

  3. Cycle along Japan's beautiful coast line, through villages and towns that are redolent of history with classic old style construction.

  4. Experience first hand the ancient fishing style of "Ukai" or cormorant fishing (Note: optional, depending on dates.).

  5. Visit UNESCO world heritage areas including Shirakawago and the town of Wajima.

  6. Stay in some Japanese Inns and eat delicious Japanese food.

  7. Stay in a mix of modern luxury Inns to traditional style hotels and some western hotels. .

  8. Bilingual tour leader, support vehicle and mechanic.

  9. The roads are mostly smooth and narrow. The bulk of the riding on roads with very little vehicle traffic.

Details and Booking Information

Land Price: $AUD5250/¥430,000 per person. Single option $AU570/¥50,000 (Note, may not be available in all locations). Contact us below and we will send you a PDF brochure with full tour outline, including tour inclusions, bike hire details and a booking form. 

Season and Departure Dates: We have scheduled this tour to coincide with the best of Noto's seasons, Spring and autumn. Note: Weather is not suitable for cycling in this area from June to late September due to, firstly, the rainy season (June/July), high humidity and the typhoon season (August/September). 

  1. Spring Splendour. May 7 - 17 2020

  2. Autumn Colours. October 6-16 2020

Start and Finish Point: We either pick up and drop off at Kansai Airport (if bringing your own bike) or meet at Kanazawa (if renting a bike from us). This may vary depending on group size and other ongoing travel options.

Private Groups: This guided departure is available for private groups, and can be modified to suit group rider needs. Contact us to arrange a private departure. 

Accommodation: We use a range of accommodations including luxury inns, standardinns & some western style Hotels. See our accommodation page for more details. Accommodation choice depends on availability at time of booking. 

Rider Numbers: 4-8 riders.

Grade: Mostly Level 2 (Moderate). Last two days Level 1  (moderate to strenuous). See our grade page for more details.

How to book: Download a booking form or contact us. Send the booking form via email with $AU250/¥20,000 deposit/person. All credit cards accepted.