Delicious Healthy Food

We need energy to ride our bikes so good nutritious food is a must on any bike ride, but in Japan food is more than just food it is an experience in itself. The preparation and presentation of meals in Japanese inns is almost an art form. Fresh local ingredients and traditional menus, combined with a level of presentation that is more than just pleasing to the eye are stand out features of meal times in Japanese inns. Here the term “slow food” is a given but applies to more than just preparation. 

The multi dish presentation of a Japanese meal combines colour, texture, timing and shape with healthy nutritious and tasty ingredients. To quietly savour these daily feasts gives an extra meaning to slow food.

Meals can include ingredients such as vegetables, legumes, fish, chicken and meat, done in a variety of unique dishes including sashimi, yaki or fried, yakitori, sukiyaki, nabe or hot pot, donburi and many more. All meals have the standard side dishes of rice, miso soup and pickles, accompanied by green tea.

Breakfasts in the inns are classic Japanese breakfasts, which have traditionally been considered the main meal of the day. A typical breakfast consists of fish, rice and miso soup with some other small side dishes. Coffee can be rareity as is not considered a breakfast beverage but some establishments do give a nod to this modern western need.

Lunches can be anything en route in various small eateries of your choice or the guide's choice and can be anything from full Japanese to semi western including hamburgers and sandwiches.